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Seven Towers Benefice

Our parishes are in the Diocese of Gloucester and are members of the Church of England. (A Diocese is a group of churches gathered around a bishop forming the fundamental unit of church life, organisation and mission).

In our Diocese there are some 327 parishes, 390 churches and 117 church schools. The diocese is also enriched by having links with five dioceses overseas: Vasteras in Sweden, Dornakal and Karnataka Central in India, Western Tankanyika in Tanzania and El Camino Real in the USA.

The Diocese of Gloucester covers the whole county and parts of neighbouring counties. It runs from the Welsh border in the west to Lechlade in the east, from Chipping Campden in the North to Chipping Sodbury in the south. It is the home to over 600,000 people.

Gloucester Cathedral is at the heart of the Diocese. It is the mother church of the Diocese with a history going back to the 7th century. Bishop Michael is the 40th Bishop of Gloucester.

There are 270 licensed clergy and lay workers in the Diocese, 140 of them paid. They are supported by the Lay Ministry and Laity - ‘Readers’ who are lay people licensed to preach and lead worship, and Local Ministry Teams who offer leadership, support and encouragement within their communities.

The Church of England is part of the Anglican Communion made of 80 million worshippers in 160 countries. And is made up of:


- 1.7 million worshippers every month

- 16,000 church buildings

- 22,000 clergy men and women

- 44 Dioceses each led by a Bishop


It is in every community:


- It has the country’s biggest volunteer network. Worshippers give 3 million days of voluntary work every month.

- It provides regular activities for over 500,000 children

- One in four primary schools and one in sixteen secondary schools are Church of England Schools

- 72% of people believe the church building is important, 85% visit them annually

- Almost 50% of people in England regard themselves belonging to the Church of England